One Dance Week 2021

09.10 — 24.10.2021

showcased an array of remarkable European artists. We explored the avant-garde works of Dimitris Papaioannou's 'Transverse Orientation,' Compagnie Olivier Dubois's 'Itmahrag,' Katerina Andreou's 'Zeppelin Bend,' Christos Papadopoulos's 'Larsen C,' Alexandros Vardaxoglou & Dafin Antoniadou's 'Vanishing Point,' and Silvia Gribaudi's 'Graces.'

Our parallel program featured insightful online lectures by Iliana Dimadi on 'Onassis Stegi as the shelter of Greek dance makers' and Steriani Tzintziloni's perspective on 'Envisioning the contemporary dance scene in Greece.' Additionally, we screened the compelling Auguri documentary film by Compagnie Olivier Dubois, directed by Olivier Pascal, at the French Institute in Sofia.


Dimitris Papaioannou (Greece)
Transverse Orientation

Compagnie Olivier Dubois (France)

Katerina Andreou (Greece)
Zeppelin Bend

Christos Papadopoulos (Greece)
Larsen C

Alexandros Vardaxoglou & Dafin Antoniadou (Greece)
Vanishing Point

Silvia Gribaudi (Italy)

Parallel programme

Online lecture with Iliana Dimadi (Head of Dramaturgy, Onassis Stegi):

Onassis Stegi as the shelter of Greek dance makers

Online lecture with Steriani Tzintziloni (PhD, University of Roehampton):

Envisioning the contemporary dance scene in Greece

Screening of Auguri documentary film, Compagnie Olivier Dubois

Director: Olivier Pascal

– at the French Institute in Sofia