One Dance Week 2015

17.10 — 31.10.2015

The eighth edition of ONE DANCE WEEK places the audience in the turbulent zone of intersecting artistic approaches and viewpoints. The main line in 2015’s selection follows the revolt of contemporary dance against normality, status quo, established models of living, thinking, behavior and perception of the world in a political and aesthetic way. Everything that we believe in and accept as normal should be exposed and reconsidered. The power of contemporary dance lies in its critical reflection towards the comfortable world.


Daniel Abreu (Spain)

Korean Night
Kim Jae Seung - Gentleman
Kil Seo Young - Deformation

FARM IN THE CAVE (The Czech Republic)

Raimund Hoghe (Germany)

MPTA – les mains les pieds et la tête aussi (France)
We Are Like Those Toads & Ali

Trajal Harrell (USA)

Philippe Saire / CIE Philippe Saire (France)
Black Out