One Dance Week 2014

28.08 — 06.09.2014

The festival’s seventh edition took place in Plovdiv, the program was organized in a number of modules in order to offer a variety of ways to experience dance. The International Selection includes eight performances in different genres and aesthetics from Europe, Asia, and the U.S. The audience was able to see the diversity of ideas and practices of contemporary dance in the context of international trends.

The Bulgarian Showcase emphasized on the most up-to-date and interesting productions from the Bulgarian dance scene and presented them to a wide audience and international presenters. The Cinema Modul featured films dedicated to legendary choreographers and companies from the contemporary dance scene. The program consisted of films that were screened for the first time as part of the festival, as well as of dance films that summarize the first seven years of the festival.

International Programme

Dragon Kung Fu (China)
KungFu Dance “GATEWAY”

Gilles Jobin / CIE Gilles Jobin (Switzerland)

Ho Yeon Kim (Korea)
6 Degrees

ТРО Company (Italy)
Japanese Garden

Hoi Woong Ryu (Korea)
A Cowardly Pleasant World

Ji Hee Lee (Korea)

Sidra Bell Dance Company (USA)

Delreves Vertical Dance Company (Spain)

Repite Conmigo

Bulgarian Showcase

Irina Goleva / Based On Actual Events


Krassen Krastev / „Dance Connected“ (Bulgaria, Switzerland)


Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager

Our Last Pas de Deux

Ida Daniel

No Movement No Sound

Mila Iskrenova

Trajectories of Desire

Duende Dance Company

Monologue for two & Urge

Galina Borissova

anti-GONE – IT’S ME

Martin Penev & Stanislav Genadiev

Big Gun

Derida Dance Company


Workshops for kids

Classical Ballet with Duende
Choreographer: Ivaylo Ivanov
5 – 8 years

Dance with Casa De Baile (Latin dance)
Choreographer: Garo Uzonian
from 6 years above

Contemporary Dance
from 6 years above

Hip Hop with Street Dance School The Center
Choreographer: Kalina Gaeva a.k.a. Kay Light
from 6 years above


“Einladung zum Tanz”

Germany / Nairobi / Kenia, 2006

Director: Gerhard Schick

“Folkwang Meets Afrika”

Germany / Kameron, 2006

Directors: Ulrich Scholz, Heide-Marie Haertel

“Mary Wigman”

Germany, 2008

Directors: Norbert Buse, Christof Debler

“In spite of wishing and wanting”

Belgium, 2002

Director: Wim Vandekeybus


Belgium, 2001

Director: Wim Vandekeybus

“Dreams of Babel”

France, 2010

Director: Don Kent

“Cage Cunningham”

France / USA, 2007

Director: Elliot Caplan

“Martha Graham – An American

Original in Performance”

USA, 1988

Director: Peter Glushanok

“A Good Man”

USA, 2011

Director: Bob Hercules, Gordon Quinn