Joachim MaudetWELCOME
Joachim MaudetWELCOME
Drama Theatre, Plovdiv
Start: 19:00
Duration: 50 min
Age: 12+

The theatre is accessible for visitors with limited mobility.


Choreography and performance by Joachim Maudet with Sophie Lèbre and Pauline Bigot
Lighting design by Nicolas Galland
Lighting Director: Laura Cottard
Sound Design: Julien Lafosse
Sound design by Rebecca Chamouillet
Yannick Hugron & Chloé Zamboni
Vocal coach: Pierre Dericquet

Production and bookings Aline Berthou and Charlotte Cancet - Aoza Production

Production: Cie Les Vagues
Coproduction: Le Triangle, cité de la danse / Rennes; KLAP Maison pour la danse / Marseille; Network "Petites Scènes Ouvertes"; Danse à tous les étages, Arsenal Teater / Val-de-Reuil; Vanves Teater / Vanves; National Choreographic Center from Rillieux-La-Pape, direction of Yuval Pick / Rillieux-La-Pape
Studio: Colombier / Bagnolet, Dancing / Val-de-Reuil, Honolulu / Nantes

Financial support: DRAC Brittany - Ministry of Cultur, Brittany region and City of Rennes
With the support of Danse Dense, Festival Parallèle / Marseille, CND Lyon, and Studio Chatha

“Who has not dreamed, while strolling along the cities boulevards, of a world that, instead of beginning with words, would begin with intentions?”- René Char

Sometimes not everything is as it seems. The lips may be closed and make a sound. Speech, the eyes and the body can speak different languages at the same time. Silence produces polyphony. Absurdity seeks the essence. The performance W̶E̶L̶COME explores the human contradictions between what is said and done, addressed and received, conceived and experienced. It is an invitation to peer into the spaces that contain, limit and separate, to cross the threshold and rediscover the need for reunion, cohesion, understanding. 

With W̶E̶L̶COME, French choreographer Joachim Maudet continues his work on the relation and dissociation of the voice from the body. The speech and vocal elements become independent entities that interact and conduct the dance. Reacting to situations on the white, minimalist stage, voices swirl from one body to another, flitting between the audience, clinging to flesh, and shaping the action. They are so detached that they question meaning and interpretations. And they are so evocative that they form at once a three-voice polyphony and dissonance, a harmonic chorus and a comic rustle, or simply a frequency wave that builds to its wild, raw climax. 

At the beginning, the three performers stand still on stage, but their eyes are alert, their gaze sharp, seeking. Like canaries in a cage, they are probably patiently waiting for the moment of silence and calm when to erupt the loudest. The static start initiates a continuous transformation that generates stories, expressions and narratives, but requires precise execution and control from the trio on stage. There, the constituent parts of what we believe to be whole, unified and indestructible emerge. The discrepancy between voices and bodies opens up a new field of imagination in which the bizarre, the ironic and the absurd triumph. 

Joachim Maudet

Joachim Maudet graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) in 2012. He began performing before completing his training, working with Tatiana Julien (Cie Interscribo) and Arthur Perole (Cie F). Abroad, he dances for Akram Khan Dance Company (UK), Noord Nederlandse Dans (Holland) and National Dance Company of Wales (UK). In 2013 back in France, he began collaborating with choreographers such as Samuel Faccioli and Bérengère Fournier (La Vouivre), Christian Ubl (Cie CUBe), Lea Tirabasso, Arthur Perole and Leonard Rainis and Katell Harterau (Le pole). Joachim Maudet founded his company Les Vagues in 2017. He created his first piece stɔːriz in 2019, the solo GIGI in 2021 and the trio W̶E̶L̶COME in 2022. In each of these creations, the body is presented as a multiple communication medium, whose malleable and inexhaustible material is a source of stories and images. In 2024, Joachim Maudet has created a new solo KID#1, which starts a series on childhood.

The programme Focus France is realised with the support of the French Institute of Paris.