Ioanna ParaskevopoulouAll of My Love
Ioanna ParaskevopoulouAll of My Love
Boris Hristov House of Culture
Start: 20:30
Duration:  min
Age: 12+

The performance includes light effects unsuitable for visitors with photophobia and photosensitivity


Concept and choreography by Ioanna Paraskevopoulou
Music and sound design: Panos Alexiadis
Lighting design: Eliza Alexandropoulou
Dramaturgical Contribution Elena Novakovits
Photography by Yannis Bournias
Executive Producer: Cultόpια
With thanks to Kalamata Dance Festival
With the support of Neon Organization For Culture And Development

Commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi, Athens
Co-produced by One Dance Festival
Supported by Onassis Stegi's Outward Turn program

Tribute to all those that are not with us anymore

With what noises would the day fade away if there were no tomorrow? What would the end sound like, or one last dance? The soundtrack of goodbye might be the buzzing of a vacuum cleaner on a Saturday morning, the scraping of a snow shovel, the beeping of an old TV with a wooden frame and a gray screen, taped conversations on an audio cassette, or footage from a family reunion. Possibly, it's in the body twitches as we look again at black-and-white photos, movie quotes and song lyrics memos, dusty diaries. It's a peek into the closet of emotions, the storehouse of belongings and events that have become history. Painful and inevitable. It is a return to memories. Personal and shared. This is All of My Love – a One Dance Festival co-production.

photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou for Onassis Stegi

Greek choreographer Ioanna Paraskevopoulou returns to Plovdiv with a new invitation for an intense sensory experience that gropes the edges of loss. Her latest choreographic composition of diverse memories and images forms a shifting landscape in which sound plays the central role.

The performance All of My Love, whose title is borrowed from the Led Zeppelin song of the same name, once again succeeds in creating a ritualistic circumstance through which modes of being are challenged. A letter of love, remembrance, and tribute to all those that are not with us anymore. 

To create her newest sound-choreographic construction, Paraskevopoulou again employs recollection and sonification of experiences, images, objects, instruments and manual operations. From amateur family films to household appliances, agricultural tools and bodily memories, she uses various objects and tools to bring them to life again via diversion and sonic re-composition. As in MOS, her performance at the previous edition of One Dance Festival, Paraskevopoulou touches on human themes and upholds her position as one of the most distinctive Greek talents on the world stage.

All of My Love escapes linearity, inspiring temporal discontinuities and calling into question duality by blurring the boundaries of beginning and end. It discloses personal origins, traumas, and fantasies in an effort to reconcile with the idea of death. It captures memories and transmutes them into a locus of catharsis, inviting the spectator to join a paradoxical reminiscence. It chases a feather in the wind. All of My Love is a kinetic and sonic cry for all that is not here, for all that is ending, for all that exists and transforms, for all that is always there.

Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

photo: Andreas Simopoulos for Onassis Stegi

Ioanna Paraskevopoulou is a dancer and choreographer based in Athens. She graduated from the Greek National School of Dance and is currently studying at the Department of Audiovisual Arts (Ionian University). Her artistic practice focuses on the relationship between audiovisual media and movement. She has collaborated – among others – with Iris Karayan, Christos Papadopoulos, Dimitris Papaioannou, Alexandra Waierstall, Lenio Kaklea, Katerina S. Andreou, Sofia Mavragani, Tzeni Argyriou, Patricia Apergi, Antonis Foniadakis, Brendan Fernandes, Harry Koushos, Ki omOs kineitai, and Maria Koliopoulou. She has been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS (2019).

Ioanna created her choreographic video project All She Likes Is Popping Bubble Wrap within the framework of Onassis New Choreographers Festival 8. All She Likes Is Popping Bubble Wrap has been awarded the Best Sound Design Award at the FIVideodanza Festival and the Best Video Art Award at the MIFVIF. She co-created the video dance project Battle of Fishes in the context of Miniatures for Revolution. She presented MOS at Onassis New Choreographers Festival 9. She also presented the 10-minute piece Coconut Effect at the 7th Danse Élargie competition, winning the Young Jury Award. MOS was selected by Aerowaves Twenty23.


Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture