MazelFretenRave Lucid
MazelFretenRave Lucid
Boris Hristov House of Culture
Start: 19:30
Duration: 50 min
Age: 8+

Accessible for visitors with limited mobility. For more information:


Dancers: Achraf Hflow Bouzefour, Téo Le Mino Cellier, Filipe Filfrap Pereira, Théa X23 Haggiag—Meier, Océane Haja Marechal, Alice Aliché Lemonnier, Manuela Emrose Le Daeron, Adrien Vexus Larrazet, Marie Mariejuana Levenez, Brandon Miel Masele,
Choreography: Brandon Masele, Laura Defretin
Costumes: Sting MASELE / Emma DEAT
Light Creation: Judith LERAY

Production: Mazelfreten, Supanova Production

Coproduction: La Villette - Golden Stage, Mtd Épinay/Seine, Klap, Cdld P.Doussaint Gps&O, La Villette, Points Communs 95, Theatre De La Ville Danse Elargie, Ballet National De Marseille, Dca Philippe Découflé, Drac Ile-De-France

Rave Culture Tribute

Rave Lucid brings the electrifying energy of a Parisian nightclub to Plovdiv. Moreover, house music, disco lighting, and the expressiveness of ten dancers mix on stage in a spectacular triumph of electro dance. Its magnetic and high-frequency magic conquers stages and auditoriums in this performance by choreographers Brandon Masele and Laura Defretin, founders of the French company Mazelfreten. Crafted with improvisation and enthusiasm by hundreds on the dance floor, electro dance is a language everyone can understand and speak.

At the heart of Rave Lucid stand the battles between electro dance masters, impressive and intense. However, the performance is not a competition to demonstrate skills but a way to bring people and communities of different characters together. Because what else, if not dancing, and where else, if not on the dance floor, we find the most straightforward, direct and natural form of communication, especially in today's virtual age.

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A dance phenomenon and one of the most popular forms of French urban culture, electro dance is a combination of fast steps and even faster and distinct arm movements. A counter-culture and underground phenomenon at the dawn of the century, today the scope of electro dance gathers participants from all over the world for real or virtual battles, events and festivals. The Mazelfreten team works with the authentic codes of the dance and gathers some of its best performers, from pioneers and teachers to top talents.

The popularity of the dance is constantly rising on social media, and the peak comes at Techno Parade Paris in 2007. Mainstream media hailed the explosive electro dance, but mistakenly named it with the brand of Tecktonik, a Rungis Metropolis party organizer. When the media shines a spotlight on a counter-culture, it's always a double-edged sword because they overexpose it, they transform it into a phenomenon of ephemeral and superficial fashion, into a disposable consumer product.

That's why Mazelfreten decided to go to the roots of the electro-dance movement and create a performance - a tribute to rave culture. In Rave Lucid, there is party euphoria and trance, but also a lucid consciousness, for the choreography of this electro ballet requires control and perfect timing. The result is a vivid portrait of the passion for life, of the pulsating music and the people coming together here and now, in the internet age.

The backstory

I started electro dance in 2007 at thirteen years old. Novelty has fascinated me the most. Everything seemed new, the way people dressed and especially the way they moved to a style of music that was unknown to me.

I became familiar with the world of battle, spontaneous, committed and visceral. It helps you to develop your personality and freestyle (improvisation on random music). An environment in which "going beyond care" makes sense. Then I discovered the world of clubbing, where you just let go and enjoy. The feeling of infinity that inevitably leads you to a hypnotic trance.

In this project, I would like to pay tribute to this community that has made me grow, where I could evolve professionally as an artist, but also as an activist with a mission: to make electro dance known beyond the "underground" side. Bringing together several Eboï (electro dancers male) Equeenz (electro dancers female) from all over the world on the same project and show the extent and richness of this French urban dance that is shining all around the world. 

- Brandon Masele


Brandon Masele 

Dancer, Choreographer, Franco-Congolese Artistic Director

Brandon Masele is an electro dance specialist and an ambassador of this community all around the world. In 2019, he was crowned World #1, and World champion in 2012. From battles to prestigious stages, he worked on several projects with Marion Muzac, Anthony Egéa, Marion Motin, (LA) Horde and Ryan Hellington. In 2016, he created his company Mazelfreten with Laura Defretin. The distinctive language of the company has brought electro dance and hip-hop dance to a larger audience, with their choreographic universes. Their first piece Untitled won 1st prize in the Trans’urbaine competition in Clermont Ferrand. Brandon performed in the musical Résiste as a dancer. He worked on his acting abilities in the movie Let’s Dance by Ladislas Chollat.

In 2018-2019, he was a dancer for Christine and the Queens world tour; he also did his solo choreography on Doesn’t Matter. Brandon is frequently asked to take part in advertising campaigns as a dancer model for renowned fashion, sports and cosmetics companies. It allows him to develop the aesthetic vision of his art.

Laura Defretin

Dancer, Choreographer, French Artistic Director

Laura Defretin is well known around the world in French hip-hop. In 2007, she integrated the Criminalz crew with which she is going to make her first steps in Battles and fashion shows like Chanel in Ritz Hotel in 2016. It was in 2008 that she became passionate about the choreographer by creating the show Sakalapeuch with Undercover. They became champions of France twice. Her choreographic language is influenced by all her artistic journeys and meetings, which she stages during collaboration with the singer Black M or Léonie Pernet.

Laura was part of The swaggers company choreographed by Marion Motin, they perform worldwide the show In The Middle. She’s dancing on the musical show Résiste. She took her first steps as an actor in the movie Let’s Dance by Ladislas Chollat. In 2019-2020, she also appears on stage as a dancer with the singer Angele in Accorhotel Arena. In 2017, she created her own company Mazelfreten with her partner  Brandon Masele. And set up the show called Untitled.

The programme Focus France is realised with the support of the French Institute of Paris.