Yanitsa AtanasovaAwl
Yanitsa AtanasovaAwl
Drama Theatre, Plovdiv
Start: 19:30
Duration: 50 min
Age: 12+

Accessible for visitors with limited mobility


Concept/ Choreography: Yanitsa Atanasova
Performers: Aleksandar Gochev, Emilia Radicheva, Marion Darova, Nelly Georgieva, Nick Markov
Composer: Viktor Ilieff
Costumes: Raya Lachezarova
Light Design: Romain de Lagarde
Consultancy / Dramaturgy: Nikolay Kolev
Photos: Yanitsa Atanasova

With the support of the National Culture Fund.
Production of One Dance and Toplocentrala


Awl is a performance that aims to highlight the state of being "stuck" in one place and how the body can transform even the most limited environment around it. To provoke reflection on the idea of "comfort" and its relationship to social and cultural norms. The awl is a symbol of the desire for physical and emotional liberation, a reminder of how the body can rebel against constraints and seek its sense of comfort and satisfaction.

The performance is also a meditation on the experience of sitting and the sensations that can arise in the body when we allow ourselves to be still. An exploration of sitting as not just physiology but as culture. An insight into the circumstances that keep us "stuck" and how we can get out of there, push our boundaries, and discover new potentials to help us move further than just surviving.

Awl is the third co-production between One Dance and Toplocentrala.

Yanitsa Atanasova

Yanitsa Atanasova is a choreographer and dancer. She works in the field of contemporary dance, specifically exploring different expression languages through movement. She graduated from the Bulgarian National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (NATFA) with a degree in Theatre of Movement. Later, she joined the dance company of Italian choreographer Paolo Londi, performing in Mexico and Italy. In 2017, she created an original piece Connections that received the "Golden Muse" award of the Association of Choreographers in Bulgaria. In 2018, she started teaching contemporary dance techniques at Jaying University, China. 

Yanitsa is the choreographer and creator of This Room Does Not Exist,Necessarily Pleasant (dance film), and the dance performance Pastet, honored with the IKAR Audience Award by the Guild for Contemporary Performing Arts at the Union of Bulgarian Actors. As a dancer and performer, she takes part in numerous performances such as FreeFall, choreographed by Marion Darova (One Dance Festival co-production), DevetTe, directed by Anna Kabakova, Hold On by Tsveta Doycheva, Transition by Ivaylo Dimitrov, Inner Theatre Company's Sensory Online Theatre, and is also part of the Storycatchers Playback Theatre company. Yanitsa has been teaching at the Theatre Department of the New Bulgarian University since 2019.


Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture