TREVOGA11 3 8 7
TREVOGA11 3 8 7
Drama Theatre, Plovdiv
Start: 18:00
Duration: 40 min
Age: 12+

Accessible for visitors with limited mobility


Made by: Trevoga clctv

Sound by: Damyst

Styled by: La Fam

Produced by: ICK Amsterdam x One Dance, Bulgaria

Made with the support of NORMA startersfonds, Fonds Podiumkunsten & Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Special thanks to – Suzy Blok, Rosa Alvarez Solano, Anna Van Jaarsveld, Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero & Ignacio de Antonio Anton. 

From Dreams to Dystopia

White artificial eyes filter reality. Omnivore faces await to ingest more virtual delusions. With robotic manners and mimics, three brought-to-life avatars give chills. White and empty, the stage can be a test environment, a futuristic laboratory, or a catwalk where cyborg influencers flaunt, pose, and imitate life. A delirium of alienation, an eerie streaming or a dream that shocks late at night, a faux reality show, or perhaps something even more uncanny - this is 11 3 8 7.

Trevoga collective draws inspiration for its performance from the contradiction between the lavish fantasies we fabricate online and the increasingly hostile reality around us. The media and social networks promise glamor, bliss, and magnificence. But in fact, it feels like a loss of power over the self, an existence as a piece of machinery or a piece of an endless production line. The symbols overlap but contradict each other. Meanings come together, only to fall apart.

Authors and performers Neda Ruzheva, Antonina Pushkareva and Erikas Erikas Žilaitis turn into trans-humans infected with the parasitic emoticons of virtual existence, which seems to prevail. As avatars, they pose for a selfie in an empty background of targeted ads, tailored feeds, vlogs, live gaming broadcasts, and lifestyle influencers criss-crossing. The spectacle takes virtual representations of "real" human interactions far into the unknown, which may be the future.

11 3 8 7 fills the eyes with polished imagery, yet the packaging is hollow. Like a wanderer in an abandoned shopping mall, the performance haunts its viewers with the chill of a cold, manufactured absence, the concern of an upcoming imitation of existence devoid of humanity. Like a kiss with closed lips. Like a bot with artificial intelligence that distorts content on command. 

11 3 8 7 is a co-production of One Dance Festival and ICK Amsterdam. The performance was awarded by the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and is selected for Aerowaves Twenty24.

Trevoga clctv.

(Founded in 2022, Amsterdam)

Trevoga is a newly-formed dance collective, currently composed by AHK alumni Neda Ruzheva, Antonina Pushkarevа, and Erikas Žilaitis. All three members had different backgrounds in movement arts before entering the Academy for Theatre and Dance of Amsterdam. They found each other in their shared desire to turn the choreographic process inside out. Instead of submitting themselves to the disembodied ideas of a single choreographer, the trio molds the conceptual frameworks of their pieces by collectively analyzing movement language sourced in their lived experiences, making each participant a co-conceptualizer and co-author through the making process.

This playful deconstruction of the power structures inherent to the choreographic process holds together the collective's bold and undisciplined experimentations. By toying with genres, registers, and symbols with unapologetic incoherency, Trevoga aims to challenge the notion of the self as a rigid set of conditions it is born into and instead celebrate its shapeshifting nature. They view themselves as neither in dichotomy nor unison but as always both, or rather neither - the symptom and the cause, the victim and the perpetrator, the puppet and the puppeteer.

Unified by their experiences of growing up in the nebulous socio-political context of post-Soviet "re-construction'' – between the violently enforced moral imperatives of a ghostly dictatorship and the stupefying hedonism of a newborn capitalist dream – they grow up quite fond of overlaps between repression and seduction. This ambivalence is reflected in Trevoga's work, where flashy tropes from popular media and high culture go hand-in-hand with a mundane sense of unease. Through this contradictory fusion, the trio gnaws at the mental onslaught of the fast-paced city they inhabit, viewing their bodies as symptoms of its numerous addictions and the stage as a means to disentangle its many dissonant processes and conflicting forces.


Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture