Tiia KasurinenONSTAGE - The Concert
Tiia KasurinenONSTAGE - The Concert
Boris Hristov House of Culture
Start: 20:30
Duration: 75 min
Age: 12+

The performance includes light effects unsuitable for visitors with photophobia and photosensitivity


Concept, choreography: Tiia Kasurinen (she/her)
Performed by Tiia Kasurinen, Lydia Ofi Teresia (she/her), Amanda 007 (she/her), Olli Lautiola (he/him)
Sound design/music by Olli Lautiola & Tiia Kasurinen
Lighting design by Mikko Kaukonen (he/him)
Lighting Design/Mentoring: Sofia Linde (she/her)
Light adaptation: Kristian Palmu (he/him)
Costume design: Annukka Havukumpu (she/her)
Set design: Landys Roimola (she/her)
Graphics: Gabriel Boicel (he/him)

Supporting organisations and partners: Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kone Foundation/Saari Residence, Zodiak - Centre for New Dance, and Helsinki Festival

Residencies: Saari Residence/Kone Foundation, Vantaan Tanssiopisto, Zodiak

Production: Tiia Kasurinen, Zodiak

Photography: Saara Taussi (she/her)

Releasing the alter ego

Unleashing the alter ego, a variety of artistic incarnations, a tribute to the contemporary club scene, and live music. This performance takes the form of a concert, its spirit is overtly feminist, and its matter is woven from familiar gestures, gazes, movements, and poses. Perhaps Madonna, Lady Gaga, or FKA Twigs are using them. Or they might be typical of electro R&B star Sevdaliza, and why not trance sensation Arca? Perhaps they are used by drag queens in underground clubs, offbeat hybrid voices like Rosalia, or global pop stars gathering thousands in stadiums.

ONSTAGE - The Concert, photo by Saara Taussi

Choreographer Tiia Kasurinen draws inspiration from the performances of famous singers and their arsenal of expressive tools. From latex boots, corsets, and pleated skirts to whip-waving. From wigs, bright manicures, dresses with a voile to singing with eyes closed. Kasurinen looks at the improvised and planned choreographies that can happen during a concert.

What comes next when contemporary dance and visual transformation combine with concert techniques, with the practices, images, and small details that create the persona under the spotlights? And what does this mean for the audience? 

ONSTAGE - The Concert, photo by Saara Taussi

As the name suggests, ONSTAGE - The Concert explores the imagery that creates the magic of live music and more. The frontman is the alter-ego, and the pop group of Tiia Kasurinen and Olli Lautiola will let her meet its potential. Thus, the spectacle becomes something indefinable. Like a new album release party or a dance performance. Like a musical try-out or a choreographic exploration of the body in which rebels the self, yearning for expression. Or everything at the same time. 

On stage, Tiia Kasurinen and Olli Lautiola partner with the duo Amanda & Lydia, performance artists who are pioneers of voguing and the ballroom scene in Helsinki. In Kasurinen’s choreographic work, a combination of dance, make-up, and fashion acts as the basis for a visual transformation whose physical and emotional experiences challenge perceptions of our power, humanity, identity, and place in society.

ONSTAGE - The Concert, photo by Saara Taussi


Kasurinen is a collection of different gestures, movements and attitudes. But where such an expression usually leads to plasticity and soullessness, the opposite happens in the work. Ah - enjoyment, laughing at one's own pleasure and becoming sensitive to its strangeness supports the performance until the last sparkle reflected from the artificial nail.

– Maria Säkö, HS – Helsingin Sanomat

Kasurinen is backed up on stage by the queer performance duo Amanda & Lydia, who practically drip with stage charisma.

– Tove Djupsjöbacka, HBL

Tiia Kasurinen, photo by Teea Kasurinen

Tiia Kasurinen

Artist/choreographer Tiia Kasurinen (she/her) graduated from the Stockholm University of the Arts in 2017. She is interested in themes such as identity, gender, the gaze and pop culture, and explores them in her works through theater make-up, visual transformation and motion. In her works YouTube tutorials and somatic movement walk hand in hand, creating recognisable aesthetics. When not working on her own projects, Tiia Kasurinen works as a dancer and a performer and collaborates with other artists.


Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture