Catarina MirandaΛƬSUMOЯI
Catarina MirandaΛƬSUMOЯI
Boris Hristov House of Culture
Start: 19:30
Duration:  min
Age: 10+

Accessible for visitors with limited mobility. For more information on accessible seating, contact us via hello@onedance-festival.com


Artistic Direction, Choreography, Costumes— Catarina Miranda

Choreographic co-creation & Performance — Cacá Otto Reuss, Joãozinho da Costa, Lewis Seivright, Maria Antunes and Melanie Ferreira

Performer replacement ­— Hugo Marmelada

Light Design — Leticia Skrycky & Joana Mário

Music Composition — Lechuga Zafiro

Scenography Conception — Catarina Miranda, Joana Mário, João Brojo, Letícia Skrycky, João Ferreira

Dramaturgical Research Support — Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, Ece Canli, Fernando Oliveira, Jonathan Saldanha

Executive Production — João Brojo 


Production — Diagonal Animal /PT

Production & Diffusion — Materiais Diversos /PT

Co-production — Centre Pompidou/ Spectacles Vivant (Paris/FR), Charleroi Danse - Centre chorégraphique de Wallonie-Bruxelles (Bruxelas/BE), One Dance Week Festival (Plovdiv/BG), Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro/PT), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto/PT), São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisboa/PT), OOPSA (Porto/PT).

Residency Support — CRL - Central Elétrica (Porto/PT), Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie (Caen/FR), Centro Cultural da Malaposta/Minutos Redondos/Câmara Municipal de Odivelas (Odivelas/PT), Montpellier Danse/Agora (Montpellier/ FR), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo/ PT), Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (Coimbra/PT), Teatro Viriato (Viseu/PT) and Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto/ PT).

Aestheticization of the Real

ΛƬSUMOЯI is an intersection between past and future, phantasmagoria and reality, dance and light. It is an unconventional meeting of one of the exemplars of Japanese Noh theatre with contemporary performing arts. ΛƬSUMOЯI is the name of a 15th-century Japanese play and the name of Portuguese choreographer Catarina Miranda's latest work, co-produced by One Dance Festival. Catarina's return to Plovdiv brings audiences a unique dance experience bathed in light.

At the heart of the performance is the story of the young samurai ΛƬSUMOЯI. He dies in battle, but his spirit returns to the battlefield, where he eventually manages to find reconciliation instead of reckoning with his killer. Studying the rigorous system and techniques of Kyoto's Noh Theatre, Catarina Miranda deviates from the original plot and develops the idea of the ghost's return with abstraction and aesthetics.

The scene is saturated with memories and rhythms from a fictional imagination. Dressed in armour-masks, the five dancers explore space as a territory to be conquered. They intertwine their joints and limbs, thus locking them or giving them unsuspected powers of movement. In this way, new relationships and identities are born, a new time, and why not new social constructions.

© João Octávio Peixoto/DDD

The futuristic dance language of the performers is amplified by the lighting, which plays a major role in the performance. The centre of the stage space is framed with a luminous floor and ceiling, forming a square space in which traditional archetypes dissolve and spotlights illuminate anyone leaving or returning to it. In a kind of dialogue between dance and hypnotic light, the ancient ghosts of Noh and bodies speak, having the ability to be something else, something different, something beautiful. Atsumori is the intersection between the visions and attitudes of the past, the metamorphoses and energy of the present and the enthusiasm of the future.

Catarina Miranda creates stage works that are characterized by the construction of topographies and bodies at once archetypal and transhuman. In 2018, she participated in a traditional theatre training course at the Kyoto Art Center, Japan, dedicated to the gestural and musical tradition of Noh. After presenting the roller-skating performance Cabraqimera at One Dance Week in 2022, Catarina Miranda returns to Plovdiv with her new work, just weeks after the world premiere in Portugal.

© João Octávio Peixoto/DDD

Catarina Miranda

Catarina Miranda © Vera Marmelo

Born in Portugal in 1982, Catarina Miranda works with languages that intercept image, movement, voice, scenography and light, approaching the body as a vessel for the transformation and mediation of hypnagogic states, as well as for the gestures and procedures of the visceral conscience of the present. Catarina studied at Master EXERCE at ICI-CCN Montpellier, France, and the BA in Visual Arts at the Porto’s Fine Arts University and Noh Theatre at Kyoto Art Center, Japan.

Among others Miranda has presented the dance pieces CABRAQIMERA, DREAM IS THE DREAMER, BOCA MURALHA, MAZEZAM and REIPOSTO REIMORTO at Centre Pompidou and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, Serralves Museum and National Theatre in Porto, Festival Materiais Diversos, Festival DDD (Pt), Festival Pays de Danses (Liège, Belgium), Festival Mindelact (Cape Verde), Festival Short Theatre in Rome. In 2016, Portuguese TV released the Documentary “PORTUGAL QUE DANÇA“, one of whose episodes is dedicated to the dance piece Boca Muralha. Catarina Miranda was selected among the 20 Aerowaves 2024 artists with the performance Cabraqimera, presented at One Dance Week in 2022.


Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture