10. May / Friday

Dance Workshop with Brandon Masele - “Electro dance”

13:00 – 14:30 / Dance Station, Boris Hristov House of Culture, fl. 5

One of the two founders of the French dance company Mazelfreten, Brandon Masele is an ambassador of electro dance around the world. He was named World No. 1 (2019) and in 2012 became the world champion of the electro dance genre, which originated on the dance floor of Parisian nightclubs and captivated the world with its energetic freestyle, fast hand movements and high-intensity battles to the pulse of electronic music.

Dance Workshop with Joachim Maudet - “Between voice and body”

16:30 – 18:00 / Dance Station, Boris Hristov House of Culture, fl. 5

*Joachim Maudet graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) in 2012. He has worked with artists such as Arthur Perole, Akram Khan, Noord Nederlandse Dans (Netherlands) and the National Dance Company of Wales. He pays special attention to the interaction between the voice and the body in his performances, more specifically in turning speech and language into a separate, even essential element in the construction of choreographies.

Additional program:

Attending the show “Rave Lucid”,  Mazelfreten dance company
19:30, Boris Hristov House of Culture, Main stage 

Open Workshop - Brandon Masele - “Electro dance for everyone
21:00 – 21:30, Boris Hristov House of Culture, foyer

11. May / Saturday

Dance Workshop with Lotta Gahrton - Participation in choreographic processes
11:00 - 12:30 / Dance Station, Boris Hristov House of Culture, fl. 5

The workshop presents its participants to a method for engaging young audiences in dance and choreography. Working in a participatory process where students, through associative movement and improvisation, create short movement-phrases and work with these phrases using various parameters of dance. We will also look into how professional dancers/ choreographers can use this material as a base for professional dance performances. The workshop with Lotta Gahrton is physical but there will also be room for questions and a discussion concerning methods of participation for young audiences.  She is the founder of Lotta Gahrton Prod. (LGP), a Swedish contemporary dance company working for audiences from different generations. LGP often collaborates with music institutions, art galleries, schools and of course dance stages, investigating the role of the audience and works continuously with different levels of audience participation.

Dance Workshop with Dovydas Strimaitis

17:00 – 18:30 / Dance Station, Boris Hristov House of Culture, fl. 5

*Dovydas Strimaitis is a Lithuanian contemporary dance artist, living and working between France and Belgium. He is experienced in various genres and styles including line dance, showdance and contemporary dance. Miniatures or full-length performances, Strimaitis' work is distinguished by rigorous structures, a minimalist vocabulary that is physically challenging, and detailed musicality.

Additional program: 

Attending the show “Welcome”, Joachim Maudet
19:00, Drama Theatre - Plovdiv

Attending the show “Bless the Sound that Saved a Witch like me”, Benjamin Kahn
20:30, Boris Hristov House of Culture, Main stage

12. May / Sunday

Dance Workshop with Benjamin Kahn - “CRI(S)”
11:00 – 12:30 / Dance Station, Boris Hristov House of Culture, fl. 5

*For Benjamin Kahn, who collaborated with choreographers such as Philippe Saire,  Ben Riepe, and Alessandro Sciaronni, dance and choreography are powerful political tool. His workshop focuses on shouting and silence in a collective environment, a platform for composing a chorus of shouts and cries, but also of individual portraits. This experimental space makes a connection with Benjamin Kahn's performance "Bless the Sound that Saved a Witch like me".

Additional program: 

Attending the show “Hairy”, Dovydas Strimaitis
19:30, Boris Hristov House of Culture, Main stage

Bless, the sound that saved A Witch like me by Benjamin Kahn © Bas Czerwinski

One Dance Workshops program is supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv and Teatroskop - South-Eastern European Network for Performing Arts, initiated by French Ministry of Culture, French Institute and French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. "Focus France” is realised with the support of the French Institute of Paris.